Morpheus 8 Treatment

My Morpheus 8 treatment

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Morpheus 8 has had a lot of publicity in the last few years. It all began when Judy Murray ( tennis player Andy Murray’s mother), did an interview about her Morpheus 8 treatment and she looked completely transformed.

People began flocking for treatments despite the fact that it’s not cheap and is known to be quite painful.

I struggle with painful treatments but really wanted to give it a go.

 I decided to try it in one small area

The upper lip is the most difficult area to treat and even a face lift won’t make a lot of difference in this area. I have, seemingly overnight, become a lot more lined there, so it seemed like the perfect solution.

In the video below you can watch the treatment in situ with Dr Aamer Khan at the Harley St Skin Clinic.

As he explains, it’s a mesotherapy treatment combined with radio frequency. These are two treatments that I like individually and that I’ve done before. The sound of combining them sounds very promising.

Watch the video to follow me through my 3 sessions and get my honest review of the results.


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