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A second better half with Liz Earle

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I’ve always felt such kinship with Liz Earle as she is most definitely a girl after my own heart. She’s been writing and presenting on all subjects of health since the early 1980’s and has so often been ahead of the curve.

Most of you will know Liz from her incredibly successful skincare range

She’s also the author of over thirty books and her first one “Vital Oils” in the early nineties, was truly ahead of it’s time. This was when “low fat” was at the peak of it’s popularity but Liz had noticed the effects it was having on her skin and began her research. The “low fat, high sugar” lie ( yup that’s right, we’ve all been mislead for decades ) was started by Ancel Keys in the 1950’s and it set the trend for the next sixty years. In those years, obesity exploded and health declined.  It later transpired that Keys was funded by the sugar industry. It’s only in the last ten years that the thinking has changed dramatically on healthy fats. In fact, Fleur Borrelli and I, in our diet book The In-Sync Diet, were one of the first proponents of eating healthy fats.

There are STILL medical organisations and doctors pushing the low fat agenda

Unbelievably in the 1990’s Liz was already writing about it. And now she’s put her attention to ageing in her newest book “A Better Second Half”.

This book is a mine of information and even if you’ve never particularly been into health or wouldn’t know where to start, Liz tells you everything you need to know. She covers every single aspect of health in an easy to read and accessible format. And you are never too young to start reading this book because your first half leads to your second half!

In the video below I sit down with Liz to talk about the many topics in the book. I knew there wouldn’t be time to go through it all, but even though we skimmed over many things, it’s still quite a substantial interview. Very much worth watching all the way though for all the wonderful nuggets and insights that she shares.  And of course, reading the book and having it for reference, is an absolute must. You can find it on Amazon.


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  1. Hello ladies .as a male of 56 i dont drnk or smoke and like yaselves all natural no knife or botox .use factor 50 everyday….i have age s spots appearing .any suggestions .my skin is normal . I use your products and they suit my skin .many thanks for your time .

    1. Post

      Hi Nick, those age spots do tend to appear and get worse at this age. There are quite a few products that address this (and it sounds like you use them) but they are limited in their effect. I will be looking into treatments for this very purpose shortly and will be writing about it so watch this space.

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