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I have often written about the Garden of Wisdom range from Victoria Health, formulated by pharmacist Shabir Daya. I loved the range because of it’s incredibly affordable price and it’s active and super effective ingredients.

Well, it’s time to say goodbye because it’s been all but phased out. But fear not, it’s being replaced by something even better!

Say hello to DoSe skin products

Shabir has honed the very best aspects of DoSe and created a truly exquisite range of products. The great news is that it’s still just as affordable as before but now comes in elegant packaging. Gone are the little plastic bottles which have been replaced with glass jars in their own box.

This range has been coming out one bottle at a time and is already a huge hit. And there will be more products in the range coming out this summer.

People are going mad for DoSe

I have started to slowly make my way through the products and I can see why people are loving them. I’ve already written about the Super Bakuchiol Serum in a previous article. This is a natural alternative to retinol that does the same wonderful things but without the horrible side effects. I will be using this through the summer as I consider it to be much safer than retinol in the hotter months as it doesn’t cause the sun sensitivity that retinol does.


I’ve now tried out two of the other products and they are sensational.

These products are selling like hot cakes

Find out why:

Ergothioneine Serum

I know, I hadn’t ever heard of it either but it was the first DoSe product Shabir mentioned to me. He told me his customers were going crazy about this product and they are selling one every two minutes because of it’s 41+ skin benefits!

Ergothioneine is an amino acid which is a potent antioxidant and is mostly found in mushrooms. Even though it is not widely known, studies have shown that it has one of the widest range of benefits of any single skincare ingredient. Even in low concentrations. This is why all DoSe water based serums have a small amount of ergothioneine added to them. Except for this one which has a mega dose.

It particularly benefits ageing skin as it improves “skin energy” enhancing skin turnover as well as being an extremely effective collagen enhancer. The serum is super hydrating and anti-inflammatory and protects against environmental stresses as well oxidative stress. It’s also very calming on the skin. In truth there’s not much it doesn’t do as it plays a big part in maintaining skin health.

If you’re going to go for one product, this is it. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a bottle, that is!

I’ve become quite addicted to mine and am using it every day. It’s a very light gel-like cream and can be used in the AM and the PM (or once a day if you prefer). You can layer it with other serums. Always use underneath creams and oils.


Peptide Rescue Serum

I’ve often mentioned that peptides are what you want for a mature skin. This serum contains neurophroline (from wild indigo extract) which is brilliant for stressed skin. And who doesn’t have stressed skin? Your skin could be stressed from things like pollution, blue light or good old fashioned stress.

Stress is very bad for skin because cortisol (the stress hormone) is released all through the body when we’re stressed, including the skin, and it causes havoc there. Neurophroline actually breaks down the cortisol production in our skin and has a soothing effect. It does this by releasing a calming neuropeptide. This helps to minimise collagen damage and inflammation. It’s therefore soothing as well as helping with premature ageing. It also helps with breakouts.

It’s main purpose is to de-stress the skin and keep it luminous and firmer. I’m a huge fan of neurophroline as nothing will age your skin faster than stress!

Also to be used AM and PM or just once a day. A light gel-like cream that can be layered with other serums. Goes underneath moisturisers or oils.


You can check out the whole range of DoSe products here:










DoSe serums are the next generation from the GOW serums. We have launched with a small number of the most important serums for skin health and we will be adding to these. The formulations for water based “active” serums have tweaked somewhat so as to feel better on application and also each of these active contain an ingredient that has been under the radar called ergothioneine.

When VH launched neurophroline, some big brands realised the potential for this and included this in the formulations. Likewise we believe that ergothioneine will follow suit with an amazing array of over 40 benefits which is the greatest number I have come across,


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