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What you need to know about Ozempic

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The weight loss drug, Ozempic, has taken the world by storm. We’ve all watched as Hollywood stars have been shrinking dramatically in size. And not always with the best results.

People are walking around with what’s been coined as “Ozempic” face

The loss of facial fat can leave people looking rather gaunt which is not always flattering, specially on a more mature person. This is the very reason why so many people resort to fillers as they age. The loss of facial fat can be very ageing indeed.

But there is talk of more serious Ozempic side effects

Nausea and vomiting to start with. But also gut paralysis, pancreatitis, allergic reactions, kidney failure and gall bladder problems (to name a few).

So it was quite a surprise when, recently, there were headlines declaring that Ozempic can drastically reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Even if you don’t lose weight.

How interesting that a drug that can cause such severe side effects, can also be so protective?

The drug in Ozempic and also Wegovy is called semaglutide. It’s usually given to diabetics but is now a world wide sensation for weight loss.

In the video below, I talk to cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra to get his take on the recent headlines. He explains how these clinical trials work and how they come up with their statistics and conclusions. Your jaw might drop when you hear it.

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