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How I avoid viruses

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The amount of viruses going around seem to be increasing year by year. And now we have the new kid on the block to add to the list. Covid and all it’s many variants, is clearly here to stay.

I believe that it has never been more important to take care of one’s health, nurture a strong immune system and avoid hospital like the plague.

Eating well and avoiding ultra processed foods is key

We also need to ensure we keep our gut healthy.Both the immune system and our mental health rely on a healthy gut. Sleep, exercise, mindfulness and nutritious, whole foods are the things to focus on.

However, no matter how healthy you are, there will always be viruses lurking and out to get us. And I’m ready for them!

I have a virus slaying arsenal

This winter, I’ve so far warded off at least two viruses that tried to take hold of me. Within less than 48 hours, all trace of them was gone. Of course, there are times that I’ll succumb, but the severity and length of the virus will be less.

As I mention in the video, I have quite a strong immune system, so for someone who has a more compromised one, they may not be able to ward off the virus completely. However, I do believe that it will reduce the severity and help aid a quicker recovery.

Here is a list of everything I mention in the video

The supplements:

These first three, I take daily throughout the year and especially in winter. These will give you a huge advantage if a virus comes calling and help keep your immune system strong.

Magnesium Glycinate

D3 and K2

To fend off a virus add:

Quercitin ( I take 1 x day throughout winter and increase to 2 x day if ill)

I wrote an article about the incredible protective properties of quercitin that you can read HERE

Vitamin C (up to 3000mg a day)


Oregano oil – 3 x day

All supplements can be found at SUPPLEMENT HUB – use code AGELESS to get a 10% discount.


Fresh ginger sliced into boiling water. wait 10 minutes. Add a teaspoon of Manuka honey (the higher the MGO the higher the potency).

For a sore throat and cough, let a teaspoon of Manuka honey dissolve in your mouth

My Manuka honey of choice is Manuka Doctor  – use code AGELESS to get a 10% discount.


Sterimar nasal spray – 3 x day

Gargle with salt once or twice a day.

The video below goes into more detail about all of the above. I use this protocol until the virus is completely gone and then resume my normal routine.

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