Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry in Glass

Guilt-free chocolate mousse

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I’ve been trying to lose some weight recently, as well as seriously cut down on my sugar consumption and reduce cravings. Sugar, as we all know, is highly addictive and very hard to give up.

 I’ve always had a very sweet tooth

I’ve now been pretty much sugar free for 6 weeks and my cravings have definitely calmed down a lot. However, I do sometimes like to have a little something after a meal and even after 6 weeks, I still get a craving now and then.

Someone sent me this recipe for a chocolate mousse that is perfect for my diet. It only uses dark chocolate and water.

The trick is to go for hardcore dark chocolate

Go for a cacao count of between 90% and 99%.

First I tried the 90% which has a small amount of sugar but is still pretty bitter. However, I think I got it right with my second attempt. I used the 99% (so no sugar) and added a couple of teaspoons of granulated monk fruit or erithritol. This meant it tasted less bitter and mildly sweet but with no sugar. I thought it was delicious although it was still too bitter for my husband. I think my palate must’ve changed in the last 6 weeks as this tasted pretty sweet to me. The trick would be to add a bit more of the erithritol to sweeten it further.

The brilliant thing about this recipe is that it’s super quick and easy

Here’s what you do:

100g of dark chocolate

200 mls water (hot but don’t reach boiling point)

Granulated monk fruit or erithritol if desired. I used 2 teaspoons.

Pinch of sea salt

Put the all the ingredients into a blender and gradually work up to a high speed. Keep going for a at least 2 minutes so it can thoroughly blend and emulsify.

Then just pour into storage containers with lids and leave in the fridge for a good few hours until it sets. It should have a regular mousse like consistency and be firm. If it’s runny. it hasn’t finished setting.


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  1. Hi Glynis, when you interview Tony Edwards, can you ask exactly what drinking is in moderation? I am guilty of opening a bottle of red wine for cooking and then having a small glass each evening. Is that too often / frequent? Interested to know! I’m trying to be good but how can this be good?! 😀 x

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