Nutrition (Part 3) – Organic Food

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Ok, so I am one of those hippy dippy types who started eating organically in the mid 1980’s. Me and Prince Charles! It wasn’t easy mind you. There were only a sprinkling of health food stores and they only had a paltry few organic products. Up until then I had eaten pretty badly but I had recently become very interested …

Dangers of artificial sweeteners

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I posted an article on this week on how sugar is bad for us and is to be avoided. I also mentioned that artificial sweeteners are to be avoided at all costs which I think surprised some people. Diet drinks have got to be good, right? Help us keep slim? What’s not to like?

Nutrition (Part 2) – Sugar

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Personally I love the stuff and have eaten vast quantities in my life. I literally lived on sweets in my youth. But…..sugar is the devil!!!!!!! It is also highly addictive, so it takes determination to conquer it. Not everyone has a sweet tooth of course, but for those of us that do, let’s look at the compelling reasons to beat …


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The second tool in our Anti-Ageing Toolbox – Nutrition This is a huge subject and a challenging one, as dietary advice is a bit of a moving target. It needs regular updating based on new research. This will take quite a few instalments! One thing is for sure though, you can exercise like a demon, but if your diet is …