Salad and a Fork

The Maintenance Program

Glynis BarberDiet & Nutrition 2 Comments

This is probably the hardest part of any diet or fitness program. When you lose the focused, determined mindset and get back to regular living. I, of course, made it particularly hard for myself by going on holiday the minute I finished bootcamp. This meant that as well as all of the food and drink temptation, I also didn’t work …

Goodbye Bootcamp

Glynis BarberDiet & Nutrition 2 Comments

  I’m going to be honest, I only started all this so that I could fit into my favourite trousers again and so that I’d look half decent in my summer gear! Then of course, I got Fleur and Rhys involved and oh boy did they take it seriously. Before I knew what hit me, they took away all my …