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glynis-red-top-blue-white-trousers-02glynis-red-top-blue-white-trousers-01I’m going to be honest, I only started all this so that I could fit into my favourite trousers again and so that I’d look half decent in my summer gear! Then of course, I got Fleur and Rhys involved and oh boy did they take it seriously. Before I knew what hit me, they took away all my carbs, all my wine and chocolate, gave me mountains of veggies and protein to feed on and then tortured me with weights heavier than any woman should have to deal with. The first week was rough and tough. The second week was amazingly easier and from the third onwards, it was absolutely fantastic. And now about 5 weeks down the line we have the results. And they have blown us all away. I feel like a different person in every way. I sleep better, am calmer, have good constant energy throughout the day and not only fit into all my clothes (even the ones I haven’t fitted into for quite some time) but can wear those little T shirts and unforgiving tops that previously clung to my stomach in what can only be described as a rather rude manner!

It might amuse you to know that when I shot this photo I had just had a huge “cheat” meal with not one, but TWO desserts!

Fleur and Rhys both have different ways of measuring everything that’s been lost (fat etc) and gained (lean muscle hopefully). So let’s see what they found on the final weigh in:


Fleur Borrelli (nutrionist) – Glynis embarked on a bootcamp programme to become fitter, leaner and more toned for the Summer. She was put on a very strict regime of eating mainly high quality protein such as eggs, fish, chicken and mushrooms as well as plenty of fresh vegetables and a little fruit. She was not allowed to snack between meals, the only thing she could have was water. Rather than sipping through the day, she was asked to drink only when thirsty but then to have plenty until she felt satiated. The results, as you will see, have been amazing….

  • Fat Loss 6% – it is very important on bootcamp to make sure that it is fat which goes and not metabolically active lean muscle, which can often happen on weight loss diets.
  •  Lean Muscle Gain 4% – lean muscle is what gives you your lean toned look. By increasing your muscle mass you are also increasing your body’s need for energy which means that you are burning fat and keeping your metabolism high.
  •  Hydration (Total Body Water) Gain 5% – if your cells become dehydrated they begin to store fat instead.
  •  BMI drop from 21.5 to 20 – BMI is not such a useful measurement because it fails to distinguish between fat and muscle.
  • Weight Loss 4.5 kg (10 lbs)– weight loss was not the aim of this programme, we were focusing on achieving significant fat loss.
  • Metabolic Age Rating  – equivalent to a 43 year old – this was calculated by specialised scales which compare your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) with that of other age groups. BMR decreases with age or strict diets as muscles deplete and this is associated with reduced health.

These are very significant results in quite a short amount of time. I’m very impressed with them and with Glynis’ determination in achieving them.

Rhys Brooks (trainer) – I have put Glynis through her paces these last 6 weeks. The sessions have been intense and at times exhausting. She has been the perfect client,  giving 100% in every session and following  the game plan when not training with me.  Glynis’  training, in combination with her nutrition, has made a massive difference to many aspects of her health.

The main goal of these past 6 weeks was to reduce body fat levels whilst maintaining as much muscle as possible. The aim was to get Glynis’ body fat levels somewhere between 15% and 17%.

We achieved this, successfully reducing Glynis’ body fat from 20.2% to 16.2%. That’s an impressive reduction of 4%!

Glynis also managed to add an impressive .6 Kg of muscle to her frame in this short time.

What is even more impressive is that Glynis has dramatically dropped body fat from two specific areas on her body – the supra iliac and the sub scapular (hips and upper back). In the Poliquin Biosignature method of body fat assessment  these two sites reflect the bodies ability to manage glucose, meaning Glynis now has a greater tolerance for carbohydrates. This is essential if one wishes to remain lean and disease free as poor glucose management leads to weight gain and illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The dramatic reduction of body fat in these two areas has come as  a direct result of the intense weight training coupled with a  nutrient dense, anti–inflammatory diet.

In addition to her reduction in body fat, Glynis has significantly increased her strength and cardiovascular fitness. This is fantastic news as these two markers of health are strongly correlated with improved lifestyle and longevity. Furthermore we have reduced and even eliminated some minor nagging injuries that Glynis was carrying. A combination of restoring structural balance through stretching and strengthening and working muscles through their full range has lead to this result.

Overall I am extremely happy with the results of Glynis’ 5 week bootcamp . She has demonstrated what is possible with the right nutrition, training and mindset.

I just love the way Rhys calls me a perfect pupil after all my whingeing, groaning and very unladylike grunting through our sessions.

So there we have it. Incredible results that are so much more than what the scales say. Results that have dramatically improved my health and well being and prospects for the future. But what happens now? Normally in the past when I’ve embarked on some sort of diet, I quickly slip back into my old ways and soon the weight, lack of energy and general feeling of being out of whack returns. This time feels different though. I want to maintain what I’ve gained and worked so hard for and so, with Fleur and Rhys’ help, watch out for our Maintenance Program.

If you feel inspired to have a go yourself, do have a look at all the bootcamp articles to show you exactly what I did. Take it a day or a week at a time. After the tough first week it’ll become so much easier and you’ll not want to stop. Do remember to check in with your doctor before embarking on any diet. And send me before and after photos!

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  1. Well done you ! I did a similar thing 2 years ago & have maintained the same weight loss & fitness since. It’s a case of mindset & re educating yourself! Not easy at my age but if I can do it anyone can !
    It’s not easy at first but once you start seeing a difference you just want to carry on – but be careful not to loose too much !! Good luck x
    Best wishes

  2. I completely agree! Maintenance is equally hard if not harder. I’m looking forward to more discussion on this. Nice website 🙂

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