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Stay slim this winter

Glynis BarberDiet & Nutrition 3 Comments

This is my first column written for Natural Health magazine. These are some useful and practical tips on how to damage limit the effects of all that eating and drinking over the holidays. By making a few adjustments it’s entirely possible to start the new year not feeling that you need to go on a massive diet!

Glynis Barber Stay Slim The Winter Article

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  1. Thanks for this, sounds like me every year! This New Year I do want to take my health in hand though, a tressful year, not enough sleep and poor diet has taken its toll. I feel sluggush, depressed about myself and have patches of hair loss……its time to take back control of life starting with the right nutrition plan! Heres to 2017.

  2. Here’s to a slim and healthy new year.Will be starting your In-sync diet in the new year along with collagen shots.skincare etc.merry xmas.

  3. Glynis,Have you heard of ncn professional skincare range.I was reading about their products,they sound very good.There are so many products out there.Was thinking about ordering their vitamin c+ serum and Bio essence bb cream spf25.and for nighttime ncn all trans Retinol. Plus Rawgaia MSM Cream. Wanted to see if you had tried them thanks.

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