Supplements Blurred

How Safe are Supplements?

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There are two types of people. Those who like supplements, who feel that they optimise health and promote well being and those who feel they’re a waste of time and too much of a hassle to take anyway. There’s no denying that they’re expensive. Well, very expensive in my case because I take so many. As do my whole family. …

Turmeric Root and Powder

Turmeric – The Spice with health Benefits

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After my spell of dancing on Stepping Out, I found myself nursing a number of injuries. A swollen knee, that was quite inflamed being the main culprit. Ibuprofin is always what the doctor or physiotherapist will suggest, but nature has it’s own highly beneficial version that not only helps get rid of inflammation but has a load of other  benefits …

The Top 6 supplements To Take

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I am an enthusiastic supplement taker! I even love reading about them and get excited when I discover new ones. All my friends marvel (and I suspect are slightly appalled) at how many I take! However, people are forever asking me what they should be taking. Writing an article on supplements was therefore a priority. I called Shabir Dama, pharmacist at Victoria health, for …