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Marie Reynolds is a holistic skin expert who has brought out some amazing beauty products.

I’m a huge fan of both her treatments and her products

She also brought out a small supplement range which has been steadily growing and is now a very impressive and comprehensive range of products under the name MRL.

This is great news on several counts:

  1. Marie is hugely knowledgable about health and skin, working from the inside out. Therefore any supplements she brings out are going to be top notch and cutting edge.
  2. In the current situation we all find ourselves in, I believe supplements are an important tool in keeping our immune systems primed and ready. In addition to healthy eating and exercise, supplements can really enhance and boost both energy and health.

The range is quite large so I’m going to concentrate on a few that I think are important for most of us right now. Ones that will boost immunity, raise energy and help repair the damage from any lockdown over-indulgence.

Vegan C:

Vitamin C is thought to be very helpful in the fight against Covid 19. Although it’s not an official treatment in hospitals there are many who think it should be. However we all know that vitamin C is good at fighting the common cold and other viruses.

The MRL version is a whole food source of vitamin C which makes it easier to process and assimilate. Besides C it is also packed with a host of other vitamins and minerals, photo-nutrients and anti-oxidants.

Unlike many other C supplements, it contains no ascorbic acid, meaning it is non-acidic and non-synthesised. This all natural version is easily recognised by the body for maximum digestion and absorption. Most C’s are excreted by the body quite rapidly which is why many are on a time release. This one, however, does not do that. It’s also great for people who are unable to tolerate citrus-based supplements.

Good for immunity, collagen formation, skin, teeth, gums, nervous system and energy.


Liver Rescue:

Other than teetotallers, we probably all need a bit of a liver detox after nearly 4 months in lockdown! In fact even if you haven’t been drinking, but have been indulging in a bit of junk food (and who hasn’t?), then this is the one for you. This supplement is designed for periods of over-indulgence in food, alcohol or smoking. It supports not only the liver but other organs and systems of detoxification in the body.

It’s full of wonderful herb extracts and vitamins from ginger root, cayenne and turmeric to alpha lipoic acid.

It helps cleanse a congested liver and gallbladder while supporting cell repair. Boosts energy levels, aids digestive health as well as skin health. Breaking out? This could be the one for you.



This supplement is the warrior of supplements. It’s designed to help you fend off viruses and if you do succumb, will help you heal faster. Our immune systems fight hard every day as they battle off external and internal pathogens. And being in the middle of a pandemic, boosting immunity has never been more important.

It contains highly potent anti-viral and anti-bacterial herbs as well as a high dose of vitamin C (you therefore won’t need Vegan C if you decide to go for this one). It also contains probiotics to boost gut health which is crucial for a healthy immune system. Amongst many other herbs and vitamins, it contains reishi mushroom which is a powerful immune booster that can reduce fatigue and depression.


I will be writing about more of her wonderful supplements in a few weeks. Need more Focus? She’s got you covered.

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