All Star Mr & Mrs

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Last Saturday saw my husband, Michael Brandon, and myself at ITV studios filming All Star Mr & Mrs! We weren’t entirely sure if this was a good idea to be honest. We had a feeling it would end in one extreme or the other. Complete humiliation that after many years of marriage we would have to admit to the nation …

QVC & Filming

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Had great fun at QVC on the 2nd March. Party atmosphere thanks to John Barrowman livening up proceedings and Howard and I thrilled that our Yoga Secrets DVD was a sell out. Looking forward to doing more!       Got to film with the charming Brendan Gleeson on All you need is Kill. I was a mere cog in …

Woman and Home

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Here I am in March edition of Woman & Home. Had a fun time with all the lovely people there. The shoot itself literally took 10 minutes (the quicker the better I say) and I was beside myself with excitement that I got to wear jewellery from my favourite shop Van Peterson! 

I meet Margo Marrone from The Organic Pharmacy

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I was really excited to meet Margo Marrone and her husband Franco who started one of my favourite places, The Organic Pharmacy. I loved that you could drop in and have a homeopathic medicine made up on the spot and that you could chat with the homeopath or chemist on duty about any ailments and come away with all kinds …

My day on QVC

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The 1st January saw me on QVC with my Yoga DVD! It’s always a bit nerve wracking doing something for the first time but I was wonderfully supported by my favourite yoga teacher Howard Napper, my partner on the DVD. We actually had a hoot with all the other people who were on the same hour as us. Leading the …

Deal or No Deal

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Michael and I were delighted to open boxes for the fabulous Joan Collins on Celebrity Deal or No Deal. Her chosen charity was Shooting Stars Chase Children’s Hospice which is a truly wonderful organisation. They have to raise millions of pounds every year to keep going and need all the help they can get. There was lots of help on …


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One of the perks of being married to a yank, is that other yanks invite you for Thanksgiving dinner every year. Like Christmas but better! Pumpkin pie and mashed sweet potato with marshmallows on top! (how unfortunate I did an article on sugar this week) Our hosts this year were Philip Kingsley (famous for his amazing hair clinics) and his …