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Gym vs Home workouts

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Since the pandemic began 3 years ago, I haven’t been to a gym. Of course, to begin with there was no choice, but obviously I could have gone over the last year or two. So why didn’t I? After all, as you probably know, I love to exercise and consider it crucial to living a healthy life.

The truth is working out at home got cosy

It’s not that I stopped exercising. Oh no, I bought some weights and did weight bearing exercises plus cardio in front of my TV. I did stretches and lots of yoga by Zoom, all in the comfort of my own home.  And of course, how convenient is it to be able to exercise in your pyjamas? Or sip your coffee while you do it? Or make a call between sets? Or have a little play with your dog? Or maybe even leave the room to go and quickly do something. Or just stop because you’re really not feeling it and would rather call a friend or read the paper.

Yup it’s very much like all those people refusing to go back into the office

You know what it’s like, right? You phone a company and the person you’re talking to has clearly got a house full of children, or has just put the kettle on or my favourite. . . answering from their car while they’re doing some shopping or the school run. Apologies to anyone who works very efficiently from home but, trust me, you are a very rare being.

Well, this week I did it.

I left the comfort of my home and stepped into a big scary gym

And it was very interesting.

So what happened when I worked out at the gym? Was it different? Better? Worse? Have a watch of my video and find out:



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