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A gem of a skincare range

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I’ve tried so many fabulous natural skincare products since starting this site that I was becoming a bit blasé. In fact I have so many to get through that in all honesty I often only use them for a few days and then move on to the next ones. It’s frustrating at times and my skin has forgotten what it’s like to just stick to one range for any length of time.

I came across the Angela Langford range when I met Angela herself

This was at the Natural Health International Beauty Awards earlier in the year. She gave me a bagful of her products to try and explained that she makes them herself from fresh ingredients. They sounded great but just got added to my huge basketful of products and time went by. A couple of months ago, I was touring round in a play and feeling pretty tired which had an adverse affect on my skin. I then remembered these wholesome products and wondered if they would perk me up.

From the moment I opened the first jar I was hooked

The smells were so fresh and uplifting it completely raised my spirits. My skin just soaked up the night balm and kept asking for more. And I was happy to oblige. In fact I was so enamoured of the products that I decided to treat myself and use them all up till every single last drop was finished. The first time I’ve done this using a whole range in the 5 years since I started this site. And it was completely worth it. My skin feels soft and nourished and is obviously looking good because people keep asking if I’ve been on holiday!!

So who is Angela Langford I hear you ask?

Her story starts in Gibraltar where she was working in a completely different field but then got made redundant. She had time to spare and was unable to get hold of of her favourite skin products so decided to make her own. It wasn’t meant to be a business but soon she was giving them to friends and then friends of friends and soon she was making these products morning, noon and night. People just couldn’t get enough of them which I TOTALLY understand.

But why are her products so special?

The answer lies in her other passion. Cooking. Angela is a passionate and talented cook and was a runner up on Masterchef. She uses a similar approach to making her products as she does to creating recipes and even uses similar ingredients. Her products are clean, good enough to eat and filled with nutritious goodness. The whole range is inspired by food and her kitchen.

The range is natural, often organic, vegan friendly (although does contain some organic beeswax) and only tested on humans. And is utterly fabulous and I LOVE it!

The range is actually quite big and for different skin types so here are just a few of my favourites:

 Rest & Regenerate

This is a repairing and nourishing night balm that is my stand out favourite. The balm melts on contact with your skin and is so incredibly nourishing that it completely revived my skin. If I was sent to a desert island and could take one product, this would be it. Well apart from sunscreen I suppose. It’s packed full of vitamins and antioxidants and contains avocado and macadamia nuts.  If you have mature or dehydrated skin and want to treat yourself to one thing, this is it!

A Little Lift

A light creamy serum that plumps and firms and can used round the eyes. Contains pumpkin and frankincense and works wonderfully with

Thirsty Work

An anti-ageing and very hydrating moisturiser containing raspberries, rosehips, chia seeds and argan. The smell from these two together is subtle but intoxicating.

Angel Eyes

A small bottle of oil with a little rollerball like in a deodorant that you roll round the eye area. Now I don’t usually use eye creams because I just put serums round my eye area and I never use oil near my eyes as they’re quite sensitive. However this very light oil absorbs very quickly and didn’t irritate me at all. I used on top of the serum during the day and alone on the skin at night.

Clean Sweep

A light nourishing cleansing balm. Very softening and removes make up brilliantly. It’s quite different from my normal choice of cleanser as I tend to go for foaming ones as it makes my skin feel cleaner and fresher. Because I loved the range so much I decided to stick with it and see the difference. I used it at night and it left my skin feeling wonderfully soft. During the day when I shower I prefer something lighter and more foamy so used

Sweet Cheeks

Mixed with water you get a small lathering with this very light cream and it felt fresh and lovely for day use.

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  1. Thank you so much for putting me on to Angela Langford products, I would never have known about them if I wasn’t a fan of your website. x

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