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Imagine a weekend where you can go and chill in the woods, rock out at a music festival AND do yoga, meditation, and dance as well as indulge in treatments like massage and reflexology? Sound heavenly? Welcome to FloVibe, the very first festival of it’s kind On top of this there will be workshops of all descriptions and talks ranging …

Strong Sexy

Strong and Sexy

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Here, trainer Rhys Brooks, continues his tips for the gym. I don’t know about you but I’ve always been rather scared of heavy weights thinking they’ll either hurt me or make me look like a body builder, which is clearly ridiculous as it’s hard enough just to keep muscles looking toned! I’ve never even had a calf muscle despite doing …


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Let’s look at the 1st tool in the toolbox – Exercise Some love it and others hate it. I’m one of those who love it. I’ve always been active. I spent my childhood running round the entire time. I danced, I swam and I played. I never engaged much in formal sport, but would kick a ball round with the …