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Get rid of the weight of expectation this Christmas

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Christmas has a strange hold on so many of us. We often think of it as some sort of Disneyesque fairytale even though we know the reality is very different. And each year we think that it’ll be different, that this year the perfect Christmas will be achieved. And therein lies the problem. If we are hoping for perfection then …


In conversation with Glynis Barber

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Today I’m posting a recent interview I did with Grace Fodor from Studio 10 makeup for her blog.  Grace is a great advocate of the pro-age movement and a great supporter of women. I’ve got to interview her many times for Ageless and she’s shared so many wonderful makeup tips. And, of course, she is also the creator of the …

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Garden of Wisdom

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As we age, we need more dynamic products with active ingredients. I discovered this after having my skin tested on a Visia machine and found that using purely organic products wasn’t quite enough. I set out to find an affordable version and discovered Garden of Wisdom.  It’s been like a dream come true.

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FOM Products

Skin products that tackle pollution

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Our poor skins. They are fighting a constant battle on our behalf. If it’s not UV rays or extreme temperatures, it’s hormones, or perhaps toxins from from the foods we eat. Added to this there’s the effects of too much alcohol, lack of sleep or poor nutrition. Or maybe a combination of all of these! But there’s another enemy that …