A New Winner from Green People

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Last year I fell in love with Green People’s Age Defy+ range. Effective, organic products at a great price. And now they’ve got a fantastic addition to the range. It’s a tinted moisturiser with SPF 15. So it does 3 things and all organically!

Juicing Mania

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I used to love juicing but  had a nasty habit of breaking blenders. I would be over optimistic about what they could actually pulverise. I also had a Champion Juicer at one time, for many years the absolute best there was. It could break down anything and make ice cream which was great, but my goodness it was such a …

A great organic facial range

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In the world of organic, chemical free, quality skin products we have gone from one extreme to the other. When I made the decision to ditch all my chemical laden products 20 years ago, there was very little choice of natural products. And nothing much to get excited about. I kept thinking there’s a gap in the market here. Oh …

A Special Indulgent Offer

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Awhile back I fell in love with Neom’s gorgeous Complete Bliss Body Lotion. Nourishing, organic, with a fresh uplifting smell. I’ve now discovered some of their other products and continue to be very impressed. They do divine organic candles (did you know most candles release toxins and pollutants as they burn?). However the product I’m most excited about is their …

Body Bliss

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I don’t know about you, but unless I use body lotion daily my skin goes really dry, especially on my legs. I’m always on the look out for lovely lotions that not only do the job but smell good too. ( I don’t wear perfume so my body lotion is it ). And of course, I want it to be …

Product of the month – Swimcap

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As wonderful as the sun is, it can take it’s toll on skin and hair. We all know that it’s vital to wear sunblock to protect our skin but what do we do to protect our hair? The combination of sun and water can reek quite a bit of damage. Hair breakage and colour fading are common problems from too …