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It’s (well meant to be anyway) summertime! I am going on the assumption that the temperature will rise and the sun will come out at some stage. Lots of us will be going away for some part of the summer so at least there is that to look forward to. This means those pasty limbs will be popping out like little creatures venturing out of the cave after a long hibernation. Thank goodness for self-tanning lotions eh? I love them myself. Every summer I get mine out and apply it to my legs. So flattering to have nice brown legs. Makes them look thinner and looks great with summer dresses. As I’m sure you all know, finding the right one is a minefield. No-one wants to be orange or streaky!

Woman's Legs on a BeachHowever, there’s also something else to consider. Most self-tanners are full of chemicals. The skin is very porous and so applying this to large areas of the body (as opposed to the small area of the face) is really something to be avoided in my opinion. So having sought out natural self-tanners and getting very mixed results, I am delighted to have found one that gives a great mellow brown colour, goes on very evenly (didn’t even streak on my feet) and smells lovely.

Lavera Self-Tanning lotion contains organic macadamia nut and sunflower oil. It’s nourishing and hydrating, contains no synthetic ingredients and I found each application lasted a good while. 

Sun Sensitive Self Tanning LotionOk summer, we are ready so do your thing! Please? Pretty please? 

Lavera Sun Sensitive Self Tanning Lotion

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