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Womans bare feet on wood at beachIt seems only right that this months product should follow on the heels of last months summery theme! So now that we have lovely tanned legs we need to make sure our feet aren’t letting us down. Talking of heels, don’t you just hate the way heels crack and get all flaky just as you want to spend all your time in sandals? There are lots of products on the market to combat this but as ever, I like to find one that comes without the parabens, petroleums etc. but still does the trick.

And voila! I found the fabulous Derma E Cracked Skin Relief Creme. Packed full of natural ingredients, this is perfect for all dry and chapped skin. Great for tackling those cracked heels but also great for elbows, hands and anywhere that needs a moisture boost.


Derma E Cracked Skin Relief Creme

Derma E Cracked Skin Relief Creme

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