The Diet that Changed My Life – Part 7

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 Fleur – The Journey Towards Good Health and Fitness

So by now you are probably realising that all this putting on weight business is a completely normal reaction to our environment.  We are designed to eat plenty when food is around to build up reserves for when food is scarce.  The problem now is food certainly isn’t scarce and while being very convenient isn’t necessarily the best option for us.

Healthy EatingSo what can we do to combat that?   Perhaps one of the most major ways to live longer and to keep weight in check is to reduce meal frequency.  This may be completely contrary to advice you will hear about eating little and often but it really does make sense.  Each time we eat we have to produce all the necessary enzymes to digest the food and this costs energy!  So the less frequently we eat the better but in order to get all the vitamins and minerals we need to keep us healthy, we have to really feast when we do!

What does feasting mean to you?  72% of the foods we are currently eating are ‘new foods’.  This means that they have come into existence in the last few thousand years and genetically we have not had time to adapt.  They make look fantastic and temporarily make us feel fantastic but in the long term may be not be doing us any good because we simply cannot tolerate them.  We need to make better choices and our new book ‘The Ageless Diet’ will show you how.

Another way we can reduce stress on the body is by exercising before we eat.  The reason for this is that every time we eat, we produce an inflammatory reaction.  Inflammation in the gut can manifest itself as bloating or wind or even acid reflux, any of those uncomfortable feelings that we get after eating.  There’s no escaping it certain foods, for a number of reasons, really do not agree with us.  If our hunter gatherer ancestors had felt these feelings before they got up and searched for food they may never have found it at all.  Simply by doing forty push-ups, forty squats and twenty sit-ups before each meal, you can reduce your uncomfortable digestive symptoms by half and burn some fat too!

Of course as we have explained to you in a previous chapter, we need to be mindful of the way in which we drink.  We are programmed to drink when thirsty, in this way our brain is effectively able to regulate the thickness of the blood and maintain our survival.  The problems start when we don’t drink enough or when we drink chronically through the day.  Again our new book ‘The Ageless Diet’ will show you how to effectively regulate your water intake.

We live in a modern world and that is very energy consuming because we, on the whole, experience high levels of stress.  And high levels of stress mean high levels of energy expenditure.  And high levels of energy expenditure mean cravings, particularly for starch carbs that can give such a quick release of energy but is not necessarily the way forward. Any steps you can take to reduce your levels of stress will help you on your journey towards good health and fitness.

This is it for the articles from  We hope you have enjoyed reading them and look forward to having you on board ‘The Ageless Diet’ which will give you so much more information on diet and lifestyle.


Fleur Borrelli


I feel so very privileged that Fleur has taken the time to write all these amazing and informative articles for the Ageless site. There is so much new thinking and understanding of nutrition and genes and the key to longevity and good health. Fleur is the first person to graduate in the UK in pscyho neuro immunology, a very exciting branch of nutrition that looks not only at the body but how the brain, thoughts, life experiences impact on our health. These articles are only the tip of the iceberg. It’s also very important to know how to implement this information into our lives to reap the many benefits. In order to do this, Fleur and I will be writing a book so people will have a clear step by step guide and a greater understanding of exactly why it’s so important to do. As in the articles it will have the professional scientific voice of Fleur as well as my voice as I journey on the path giving my experience of it. It’s always easier if someone warns you what to expect isn’t it?

In the meantime, do refer to all the previous articles and start preparing to change your life!

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  1. I’ve just read through this revolutionary series.
    1) I’m surprised by how often I’ve quoted bits and bobs from here in my conversations at home and work
    2) I surprised myself in that I have made a small measure of adoption of these principles
    My question is when is the book coming??? Soon I hope

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