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How to protect yourself from the Coronavirus

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How to minimize your risk during the corona outbreak and increase your immunity:

There’s a lot of information out there and it’s confusing trying to make coherent sense of it all.  I’ve been reading a lot of literature about it all and came across this advice from a former medical advisor to the White House, Dr Micozzi. This makes a lot of sense to me and in my opinion this is a good protocol to follow.

This will give a huge boost to your immune system which is what we all need right now

There are no guarantees that you won’t get infected but if you do, this protocol could also help minimize the impact it has on you.

Supplement protocol:

  1. Elderberry – known to be a highly potent and effective anti-oxidant. He didn’t mention how much to take so I would suggest the maximum amount recommended on the bottle.
  2. D3 (always to be taken with K2) – he recommends a high dose of 10,000 iu. I usually take 5,000 a day but will double this for the next few months. If you don’t take any D3 you could start with 5000 and up to 10,000 at the first sign of illness.
  3. Vitamin C – 250mg twice a day (important to take twice a day as body flushes out what it doesn’t use)
  4. B vitamins – a multi B supplement that contains at least 55mg of B6 – also important to get from foods (organic meat, seafood, leafy green vegetables, eggs, beans, whole grains, full fat dairy)
  5. Selenium – 200mcg
  6. Zinc – 35mg
  7. Vitamin E – 50mg
  8. Vitamin A – from yellow, orange and red fruits and vegetables.

(Added to these I always keep a stock of oregano oil which is a powerful anti-viral. I usually take at first sign of illness but am taking a few times a week at the moment for prevention. I have also added a daily supplement of quercitin, a powerful anti-oxidant that many think can break down viruses such as corona. I have put links below to good quality versions of this protocol and found a fantastic Vitamin C that has been combined with quercitin which is a perfect combo and gives you two for the price of one.)

Practical protocol:

  1. Wash hands regularly. Use alcohol based sanitizer when unable to wash hands. HOWEVER as hand sanitzer is all but impossible to buy right now, here is an even more effective method.
  2. Use a SALINE SOLUTION to wash your hands. Saline has been shown to de-activate viruses within seconds, far quicker than hand sanitizers.
  3. DO NOT USE HAND DRYER MACHINES – they send high velocity germs right at you and around the entire room. A paper towel is best as will further remove any germs. Don’t leave hands wet as germs love the moisture.
  4. Try not to touch your face. Wash your face regularly as well and add a bit of saline to the water to maximize germ removal.
  5. Carry your own pen with you. Do not use the pens in the bank or the ones provided in any public place you go.

Find these at Victoria Health

I’ve done the searching for you, all the supplements can be found directly at Victoria Health:

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