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Why you need to protect yourself from EMFs

Glynis BarberHealth 2 Comments

Let me start by explaining what EMFs actually are and where they come from. Electromagnetic Field Radiation (EMF) are electric fields that bombard us from many different sources. There are four main types of EMF exposure:

  1. Electric fields (the E in EMF) from house wiring and corded appliances
  2. Magnetic fields (the M in EMF) from power lines, motors and transformers
  3. Radio frequencies from mobile phones, smart meters, Wifi and bluetooth which is in nearly everything these days
  4. Dirty electricity from transient voltage spikes

You can think of magnetic fields as field lines generated by an electromagnet. The fields go right through your body. And electric fields can be thought of as invisible lighting, as electrons are trying to ground. Wireless radiation can be thought of as light at a lower frequency than you can see but pulsing very rapidly. If it was visible it would be a flickering light. And dirty electricity can be thought of as pollution from all these fields.

We are all living in a wifi fog both inside AND outside our homes

All this EMF exposure can cause many kinds of physical problems without you even being aware that EMFs are the cause.

What sort of problems are we talking about?

  • sleep disruption
  • fatigue
  • brain fog
  • digestive problems
  • memory loss
  • inflammation

There are also some serious conditions associated with exposure such as tumours, cancer, autism and biological damage.  The telecom industry would say this is untrue but there are many who say there is compelling evidence to prove otherwise.

And then there are people who are hyper sensitive to EMFs who become very ill when exposed and miraculously recover when they remove themselves from it. One of these is Lloyd Burrell who has made the study of this his life’s work and I would recommend reading his book:

EMF Practical Guide: The simple science of protecting yourself, healing chronic inflammation and living a naturally healthy life in our toxic electromagnetic world.

In the meantime, 5G, which takes EMFs to a new and terrifying level, is already here

It’s being blasted from satellites in the sky as well as being rolled out across the country. Even if you don’t have a smart phone or a computer, you won’t be able to escape it.

But there are things you can do to mitigate the damage and to protect yourself. Firstly there are practical things you can do and secondly there are now products that will help protect you. I use these myself.

The products:

There are several companies offering these products but I came across a company called Comosystems (CMO) and now use their products on a daily basis. I have one of their widgets on my phone and one on my computer. I also have their little protective pyramid in my house designed to protect the general environment.

So what are these and what do they actually do?

The devices are not powered themselves but are activated by EMFs when they hit it. The CMO device emits a very low power signal that is at the same level of cell communication so the body understands it and can respond to it, but without being over-powered by it. This signal reinforces the body’s natural processes that are disrupted by EMFs so that they no longer cause disruption.

Now if you are feeling sceptical (as I was at first) I completely understand. However since using these devices I have definitely had more energy. I also took the device with me to a kinesiologist who does muscle testing. She exposes your body to certain things and tests your muscles against them. When your body is affected by something adversely, the muscle goes weak. My phone without the device made me go very weak. With the device it was strong. In the view of the kinesiologist, the device was protecting me for sure. I felt very reassured by this. I will never ever be without these devices again.

CMO have also done 10 years of biological and clinical experiments in university labs and hospitals to test their products. The positive results were confirmed by peer reviewed scientific publications. They did in fact send me these results to see for myself.

Visit the  CMO  site for further details.

 Practical Steps:

  • Never sleep with your phone by your bed unless it’s properly turned off. Wherever you leave it, turn it off overnight. Your sleep environment should take priority when creating an EMF free space so your body can properly repair and detoxify while sleeping.
  • Don’t use the alarm clock on your phone to wake you up as it entails leaving it on.
  • Walking around with your phone in your pocket is a big no no. It’ll affect sperm count in men. And for women, don’t even think about putting it in your bra.
  • During the day keep your phone in airplane mode when not in use.
  • Try and surround yourself with hard wired rather than wireless appliances in your home.
  • Beware of smart meters and devices as they will generate high levels of RF radiation.
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  1. Hi Gylnis,i came across your article about emfs.I am just wondering about microwave ovens,they are very powerful .Would they effect us, if its near by ,for example in someone else’s house,restaurants, (perhaps even used as weapons) ,with one.If mobile phones could transmitt miles, with low powered microwave energy, then a faultly microwave oven ,would be of great concern as they are Much!! more powerful. Could this ,and EMF wifi fog,cause tinnitus ,ringing in ears. I sometimes experience tinnitus, ringing in my ears..I experience brain fog sometimes,.Thanks for reading.

    1. Post

      Hi Chris, you are quite right that microwave ovens emit waves that are not great for us. However I think the biggest harm from them is eating food that has been cooked or heated in them. So just keep this to a minimum if you can. By far the greatest concern at the moment are all the smart gadgets we surround ourselves with. Try and avoid having these in your house and choose other options if possible and be vigilant about how you handle your phone. I think it’s unlikely your tinnitus is related to this although of course I’m not a doctor. Sadly tinnitus is very common and can often start as one ages.

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