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I don’t know about you, but my skin is thirsty. And has been for years now. I feed it and it perks up a bit but by the next day it’s parched again. I think it’s a combination of age and serious sun bathing in my youth. So when Marie Reynolds latest product arrived on my door step and I saw it was called Skin Quencher, I felt like my prayers had been answered.

Her products (all of which I’ve written about) have been phenomenally successful. Her focus is on the skins lipid barrier and microbiome which is why she doesn’t have different products for different skin types. And they are absolutely amazing. I seriously love this range.

The Skin Quencher which is applied as a serum is wonderfully hydrating with it’s cocktail of hyaluronic acid, olive-derived squalene and Matrixyl 3,000. It is designed to heal, nourish, regenerate cells, hydrate, oxygenate and soften. And it certainly seems to do that. My skin felt smooth and dewy and super hydrated. I use with a moisturiser over it during the day and sometimes at night I apply on top of my serums or oil and leave it on as a mask. It’s also great when added (one drop) to foundation. This gives a seriously dewy effect and what more can a girl ask for?

Check it out SKIN QUENCHER

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  1. HI Glynis,
    Please do keep going with your articles, your weekly emails are something familiar and enjoyable to look forward to during these uncertain times. Hopefully, we’ll all be able to venture out before too long, and, with a little help from you it’s nice to think we won’t be looking like Methuselah’s grandmother when we do.
    Love, Sandy

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  2. Definitely continue as far as I’m concerned, always very informative and gives me something nice to think about too in such unusual times x

  3. Your health related articles are brilliant,but please continue with your beauty and treatment articles.The skin Quencher sounds great for putting under moisturiser.What serum or oil do you recommend for night time.

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