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How social media is impacting us (video)

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I was inspired to sit down and talk to hypnotherapist Zoë Clews after she wrote an article about the Metaverse. Things are now moving so quickly and whether you’re interested in the subject or not, it’s hard to dismiss. If it doesn’t impact you personally, it’s bound to impact your children or grandchildren massively.

Ignore the Metaverse at your peril

In fact, we recorded this interview a few months ago and the progress and talk of the Metaverse has expanded very rapidly since then. What’s also interesting is that this was recorded before the Ukraine war began and some of what we say could happen (in terms of the problems in placing your entire life in an alternate universe relying on the internet versus the real world) seems to have come to pass.

I, myself, have been hugely affected by the advent of the smart phone and social media.

My attention span is not what it was

I find it very difficult to not look at my phone continually. And I’m a fully grown woman! Can you imagine what it’s doing to teenagers?

But knowledge is power

Being aware and understanding the impact helps to mitigate much of the damage.

I hope you enjoy this fascinating talk with Zoë who, as ever, is full of insight and wisdom.


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