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Breathing exercise for anxiety (video)

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Anxiety and stress can be very debilitating and I know because I’ve suffered from both at various times. The last year, since the start of the pandemic and multiple lockdowns, has been a challenging one. People who have never had anxiety have started suffering from it and people who already had it, found their condition worsening.

The UK is going through a mental health crisis

I suspect this is the case in most places round the world. There are however many tools you can use to ease symptoms and even prevent an attack coming on. I’ve used meditation, cognitive behavioural therapy, exercise, mindfulness and breathing at different times. And I’m pleased to say I’ve had great results.

One of the most effective tools I’ve found is breathing

In today’s video I share a special breathing exercise that is specifically designed for anxiety. I used this every single day for over a year and will often do a round just before I go to sleep. It’s like a sleeping pill and puts me straight to sleep.

By doing this regularly, several times a day, you will calm your nervous system, help get your body out of flight or fight mode and reduce stress levels making an anxiety attack less likely. All deep breathing is beneficial but this one is particularly effective.

If your anxiety is really heightened, I would repeat the exercise at least 3 times. And if you still feel anxious then do more. Five rounds will make a physical difference.

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  1. Thank you, just what I was looking for. I am going to start practicing this every morning and evening. I am waking in the night with a surge of cortisol at the moment, so hopefully this will help.

  2. Thank you so much for this post and video today. So very calming and easy to follow too. (Great idea about saving to phone! Done!)

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