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Podcast with Homespa Beauty

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I was delighted to chat with the absolutely delightful Elaine Burns about all things Ageless on her Homespa Beauty Podcast.

Elaine is a beauty therapist and make up artist with over 20 years of experience. She also has a hugely popular YouTube channel  (also called Homespa Beauty ) where she uploads how-to demos of beauty and holistic treatments and chats about products and lifestyle.

And she’s been an avid subscriber to Ageless from the very beginning.

You can listen to the podcast on her  YouTube channel or just click on one of the links below.



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  1. I enjoyed the chat, I hope this kind of content will continue. It would be even better with your video😍

    Your memory about the nurse touched me … We owe a lot to healthcare professionals.

    * I want to meditate but I don’t know where to start. Lots of video sources make me confused.

    *I am addicted to sugar unfortunately. I did not eat for 30 days, I thought I would give up, but the 31st day wanted it again. (no smoking, alcohol is very rare.)

    *I can’t give up sunflower seeds, especially when watching movies. I can’t replace anything. (yeah I know it causes acne) 😂

    *I want to eat healthy, too 🙂 could you please sometimes share your meals photos for inspiration? It’s much more effective for me when you do… 🙂

    Thank you💕

  2. So enjoyed this podcast which I was alerted to from your Instagram, and through it I have now discovered the full extent of your website – what an amazing resource it is, not sure what took me so long as I am a long-time fan of yours since my teens. You have inspired me to take more care of myself and my skin, (as at 53 the lines are coming fast!..)…so I have started by ordering some GOW products. Also now thinking about the Visia once we are allowed to travel again. Thank you!

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