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My special makeover for the Soap Awards (video)

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It takes a lot of effort to look good for an award ceremony, let me tell you. When I attended the Soap Awards recently, it ended up being an all-day affair. From the morning run to the hairdresser for a blow dry and manicure, to getting my makeup done, getting dressed and then having to be in the car by 3pm. Not to mention the weeks of trying to figure out what to wear.

But it’s the makeup that really counts at the end of the day

I was, therefore, very fortunate to have a professional makeup artist do mine for me. Thanks to Studio 10. My makeup was, of course, always going to be Studio 10 anyway, as it’s by the far the best makeup for mature skin in my opinion. So it was nothing short of a thrill to have a Studio 10 expert apply the makeup and see how the professionals do it. And yes, despite having talked to founder Grace Fodor multiple times and having done many videos about the makeup myself, I still managed to learn some new tricks.

I have now fallen in love with the 2 different bronzers

Samantha , the makeup artist, first applied the liquid bronzer on top of my cheekbones. She then applied the soft, silky powdered one on top of it. She describes this as giving an HD effect. She then added the beautiful illuminating highlighter that’s paired with the powdered bronzer. It’s absolutely transforming. It literally lifts your face and makes you look positively glowing.

And wait till you see the new eyeshadow palette and how the pencil eyeliners completely transform the eyes. In truth, I’ve been using the Studio 10 eyeliner pencils for awhile now and they are fantastic. The texture is perfect and the colours are perfect. I just hadn’t got round to putting them in the shop yet. Sorry! But as you’ll see below I’ve now rectified that along with the other exciting new products I discovered with my makeover.

I was determined to try and film the whole process to share with you and I did! I was extremely unprofessional however (there was a lot going on) and just held the camera in my hand.

Please forgive the shaky camera work and the shots that are slightly up my nose

However, you will still see everything we did and hopefully find it helpful.

As mentioned it was a very long day with the ceremony only ending at 10pm after my 3pm start. And then there was a party! And when I got home my makeup was till firmly in place. Absolutely incredible as it was also extremely hot in the theatre.

I love these new products and have added them to the Ageless Shop

You can check them out here:

I hope you enjoy the video and if you haven’t yet subscribed to the Ageless YouTube channel, perhaps you could take a moment to do so? Your support would be hugely appreciated.

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