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The miracle serum that zaps wrinkles (video)

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My favourite makeup brand, Studio 10, which has transformed the skin of mature women with dewy textures and flattering colours, only has one skincare product and it’s absolutely dynamite.

This genius serum is all about diminishing wrinkles

It does this in just 15 minutes. Yup, you will actually see an almost instant smoothing without having your skin feel like it has glue on it. Just a super hydrating serum with special healing properties. The effect will last for about 7 hours. Clinical trials show an improvement of 16% in this short time.

And the effect of longer term use is even better

In 2 weeks you will see a visible refreshing of the skin and in 6 weeks you will see an improvement of an incredible 42%. In this video Grace Fodor, the founder of Studio 10, explains how she worked with a top scientist to achieve this age defying serum.

I’m very excited to have it as a new addition to the Ageless SHOP.

You can see it here: Miracle Effect Serum

Watch my video to hear all about it from Grace herself.

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