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The power of letting go (video)

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Today I sit down with hypnotherapist Zoë Clews for a powerful discussion. There are very few people (if any) who have not had trauma, pain and challenges in their lives. We tend to hold on to the emotions that arise from this, which means we are doomed to feel the pain or grief over and over again.

Zoë talks about the work she does around this and how hypnotherapy can help us let go.

Get tips on how to release trapped emotions

Anger is a powerful one and often the hardest to let go of. Grief is often masked as anger. According to Zoë grief blocks your heart. Often the person involved is not available to us to express how we feel. It could be events from childhood where the person is no longer alive or a person who it would not be safe or wise to be open with.

The tools that can be used are journaling, writing no send letters (not to be done when drunk as you may end up sending it!) and physically punching up a pillow or something soft.

Screaming where no-one can hear you helps too

If you would like to contact Zoë to benefit from her amazing experience and hypnotherapy skills, here’s a link to her site:

Zoë Clews and Associates

This is one of the most valuable videos I’ve done to date in my opinion. I hope you’ll give it a watch and find it as helpful and insightful as I did.

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