Miracle Effect Serum 15ml


Studio 10


The only skincare product in the Studio 10 range and it’s genius. The whole focus of this serum is to diminish wrinkles. It’s been clinically proven to do just that by 16% in just 15 minutes.  The effect grows to 42% in 6 weeks and in just 2 weeks, skin should look visibly refreshed.

This is amazing stuff so it’s no surprise that Studio 10 worked with a top scientist, who works with some of the biggest brands, to achieve this.

I am now a slave to this serum which I mainly use on targeted areas like around the eyes and above the upper lip. I also use it sparingly at night on the rest of the face.

It’s intensely moisturizing, protects skin and promotes collagen renewal as well as helping to fade pigmentation and age spots. Hydration improves as does skin elasticity. It truly is exceptional.

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