Radiance Glow Bronzing Veil


Studio 10


This bronzer is in a powder form but because it’s Studio 10, this is no ordinary powder. It’s incredibly fine and silky and won’t settle into lines. It’s super hydrating and very light. It’s great for building and can easily be applied to the exact amount of colour that you want.

It’s also perfect for contouring. Apply underneath the cheekbones to give instant definition to your face (we have the perfect brush in the collection to do just this).

The bronzer is paired with a soft highlighter to enhance the effect.

For a knockout 3D effect, pair this bronzer with the liquid bronzer. Apply liquid bronzer first, then dust with the powder bronzer on top part of cheekbones and finish off with the illuminating highlighter just above the bronzer. The effect is amazing and your face looks like it’s just been on holiday.

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