4-in 1 Skin Perfector


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Studio 10


Concealers are probably the most important item in our makeup bag. I’ve been obsessed with them since I started wearing makeup.

However, most people get it wrong with concealer and use the incorrect colour. This can mean ending up highlighting what you’re trying to hide.

This fantastic concealer kit has all the right colours for every job.

  • A primer (because it sets everything perfectly)
  • Green to cover red.
  • Peach to cover blue (good bye dark circles)
  • Two general cover ups that can be used alone or blended together to make your perfect shade. They can then be used on top of the green or peach if needed or on their own to cover pigmentation or spots.

This kit works so well at covering imperfections, you may not need to use foundation. And, like all Studio 10 products, it’s a gorgeous texture that’s nourishing and firming.

You will find a video on the Ageless YouTube channel explaining everything you need to know about this kit.

I use the Medium/Dark kit and that works perfectly for me. If you are extremely pale then go for the Fair/Light one.

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