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The amino acid that can extend lifespan

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There’s a non-essential (meaning your body can make it) amino acid called glycine, that has some staggering benefits. However, as with so many things, as we age, our body is unable to make enough of it. And you definitely don’t want that to happen.

Even though I’m a strong believer and taker of supplements, I didn’t know much about glycine until recently. When I became aware of it’s incredible qualities, I immediately started taking it.

Glycine has been shown to extend lifespan

In animal studies, it was shown to lessen the severity of disease, thereby decreasing mortality. It also improved the outcome in these animals of age-related illnesses. This is why it’s considered to be a powerful life enhancer.

It has anti-cancer properties

It plays a role in clearing out methionine (another amino acid) which is involved in cancer cell growth. Methionine restriction can inhibit this cancer cell growth. Restricting methionine has numerous other important benefits such as improving longevity, as well as lowering insulin levels and reducing overall frailty.

This makes glycine a powerful anti-ageing compound

In fact, glycine plays an important role in collagen synthesis, as it makes up a third of the amino acids found in collagen. As collagen decreases with age, we get wrinkles and our joints get stiffer, as it’s the glue that holds everything together. We need glycine for optimal collagen turnover. Slow collagen turnover can lead to oxidation leading to inflammation which is the root cause of most disease.

Glycine decreases depression

It’s a major neurotransmitter and the latest studies have found a link with depression and brain health. Scientists were amazed to find amino acid receptors in the brain that appeared to be specifically for glycine. It can also help improve sleep quality by helping with relaxation and reducing the time it takes to fall asleep.

That’s quite an amazing list of properties. Life extending and enhancing, anti-ageing, anti-cancer, insulin reduction, relax enhancement, sleep aid plus depression aid.

How much glycine do you need to take?

It comes in a powder with a pleasant sweet taste.

  • To benefit from the full benefits of glycine, between 10 to 20 grams are needed.
  • 12 grams a day are needed for optimal collagen turnover.
  • For sleep: take 3 grams within one hour of bedtime.
  • An additional 3 grams would be needed to also form glutathione ( a powerful antioxidant) and other compounds.

Our bodies only make about 3 grams of glycine a day. We probably get a further 2-3 grams from foods we consume which means we need at least 10 grams to have the optimal amount.

So how does this work? The powder I take has 4 grams per teaspoon. This means 3 teaspoons a day. I tend to take one to two earlier in the day and then one teaspoon an hour before bedtime.

The one I found is by Vital Nutrients from Supplement Hub. They do have have less expensive ones as well.

You can use the code AGELESS to get a 5% discount.

Vital Nutrients – Glycine Powder

Collagen is a great source of glycine as well. I additionally use COLLAGEN SHOTS by Rejuvenated. Bone broth is also a perfect way to up your intake of collagen.

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  1. Since reading this article, I’ve started taking glycine capsules. I have to say, after the first few days I noticed a big reduction in my anxiety. I’ve been taking them in the morning on an empty tummy. I don’t normally suffer with falling asleep – so decided morning would be best for me. I can’t seem to find information on how long to take them for? What would you recommend? A month? Longer? One article I read said 20 days… so I’m a little confused.

    1. Post

      It seems to make sense to me to take at least a maintenance dose on a regular basis. Our body’s make less of everything as we age and keeping to optimal levels makes sense. However, I’m also a great believer in taking a break from supplements occasionally too. If you’ve taken it for a few months you could come off for a month and see how you feel? If anxiety levels rise again then I would get straight back on it.

  2. Hi Glynis I have been popping in and out of your ageless site for a while now, I find all the brilliant health and wellbeing advice exceptional. I’m 67yrs young living in Liverpool. I wonder if you give me some advice on longevity supplements, and weight loss? 🤔 xxx

    1. Post

      That’s a great idea Cheryl. Too much to do in a comment so will look to doing an article. I would say, however, that the best thing for longevity is obviously a healthy lifestyle, so really all the health things I talk about will help with this.

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