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The only red lipstick I’d wear

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I’ve always adored red lipstick. It’s such an empowering colour and extremely chic and seductive. It says you’re someone to be reckoned. But as much as I adore it….

Red lipstick has never suited me

The full-lipped goddesses can carry it off and look magnificent, but for those of us with smaller lips, it’s more of a challenge. It can make lips look thinner and give quite a severe look. And so I’ve always steered clear of it, until now.

I’ve finally found a red I can wear

Of course it had to be Studio 10 who would create a flattering red for everyone! And as ever with Studio 10, who know how to flatter a mature face more than anyone, it’s all down to texture as much as colour.

They’ve added a red called Poppy to their fab Wake Up & Glow Lip & Cheek Tint range.

It’s not a solid colour and it’s not matte

These two things are crucial to give a more luscious effect. And you can build the colour up. A quick swipe and you have a red hue in a lovely dewy finish. Add a bit more and the colour intensifies. As with all the Lip & Cheek range, it also has an inner circle of hyaluronic acid running through it to hydrate and treat the lips and cheeks. And it works brilliantly as a cheek tint too.

I have, of course, added it to the Ageless shop where you can check it out:


In the video below, you can see the colour for yourself and see what I mean about it being so much more wearable  because of the texture.

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  1. On your recommendation and ‘You Tube’ site I have just bought Studio 10 make up products. Absolutely thrilled with them! Thank you so much. FYI I am 63, blonde (now highlighted!) and facing the usual ageing challenges. This make up has given me a real boost! I think I may invest in the Poppy lipstick next to see if I can manage to wear red again. I love the Roseberry shade and have been wearing it daily!

    Best, Susie

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  2. Thank you Glynis for your lovely presentation you could sell anything you are so good I will buy it definitely

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