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What kind of practitioner is best for back pain? (video)

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I recently had a very bad episode with my back when it went into a spasm and left me in a huge amount of pain. I ended up having to take a week off work (a first in my career) and saw a LOT of my wonderful physiotherapist, Leslie Abrahams. Even with his incredible help and input, it took a good two months to get my back completely back to normal.

When I mentioned it on social media, I was astonished at the response. It turns out that so many of you have ongoing back issues and are living with quite severe amounts of pain. I ended up doing a number of videos with Leslie to help understand how and why a back can go out after a seemingly small movement.

You can view  it here:


We also looked at how best to medicate a bad back and learnt that popping anti-inflammatories for weeks can be counter productive.

You can view it here:


If you would like to contact Leslie directly you can find him at:

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Today we discuss what kind of practitioner is best. So many people on social media recommended chiropractors and I asked Leslie if there was any evidence to support which kind of therapy helps the most. There is as it happens and the answer may surprise you. To find out more you can watch the video below:


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