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Why ageing accelerates after the menopause (video)

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It’s so not fair. Women’s skin ages faster than men’s and that’s a fact. And it’s all due to our hormones. Oestrogen in particular. Once it’s had it’s way with us, it just abandons all it’s wonderful and beneficial purposes and leaves us on the scrapheap, parched and devoid of collagen.

Oestrogen is a bitch

But are we going to take this lying down girls? No we are not. But what exactly can be done?

I asked Dr Aamer Khan from the Harley Street Skin Clinic this exact question and while he admitted it’s all stacked against us women, he came up with some REALLY useful tips.

The good news is there’s a lot we can do to fight back

I learned quite a bit myself from this interview and have a feeling you will too.

Enjoy (and remember to LIKE even if it leaves you furious)






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  1. Hi Glynnis

    Thank you so very much for your Ageless programmes which are so very enlightening and informing.
    It really helps to understand the ageing process and todays article with Dr Aamer Kahn was particularly interesting.

    It really is a “bitch” this ageing journey and anything we can learn to help alleviate it is always welcome.

    So thankyou once again for your most informative, positive and constructive articles and most of all please do keep
    up your wonderful work that you are doing for us “agers”.

    Go well
    Kind Regards
    Gill Bromley

    1. Post
  2. Your the only person who has asked the question on why the menopause ages you. I started premature menopause aged 31. I took kliofem HRT up until the age of 48 as it was giving me migraines. I’m 50 now and still have no wrinkles just the one fine line round my mouth. Now I know what I should be looking for a skin products and what I need to be eating to ensure my skin doesn’t become inflamed. Thank you Glynis and Dr Aamer Khan

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