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Glynis talks to Marie Reynolds about Anoint (video)

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I recently met up to speak with Marie Reynolds about another one of my favourites from her exceptional range of skin products.

Anoint is a facial oil unlike any other I’ve tried

For a start it’s incredibly light and disappears into the skin. It’s extremely nourishing and healing and can be used on the body and hair as well.

It can even be used by people who get skin break outs

This usually prevents people from using oils or rich creams but Marie explains why this is not the case with Anoint.

It’s great combined with my other favourite product Restore

If you haven’t seen the video about Restore, it’s well worth watching. You’ll find it on the Ageless YouTube channel. The combination of these two is probably the best at home treatment you can find. It’s certainly my go to one and I swear by it.

You can also see my previous article about Restore here – SKIN FOOD

Enjoy the video.


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  1. I Used Most Of Ageless Skin Care & Make-Up & Still Do, I Find Them Very Rewarding, Very Happy, But Still Looking For A Good Light Moisturizer That Absorbs Well & Feels Light, Am Looking On Ageless Shop Now.!!!!

    1. Post

      Why don’t you check out the Garden of Wisdom range on the Glynis Loves page? They do a nice light moisturiser? Also the Nordic Roots moisturiser from Green People is lovely and also completely natural.

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