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The 3 superhero products for skin

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Would you be surprised if I told you that the top 3 products for your skin are supplements rather than creams?

I’ve spoken before about how I, personally, would take Rejuvenated’s Collagen Shots over any skin product, as it works from the inside out.

Collagen Shots helps to maintain collagen levels

These deplete rapidly with age, affecting so many things, including our joints. And we all know that when collagen declines, it has a big impact on our skin. The first sign of lines is due to collagen breakdown and it only gets worse.

In today’s video I talk to the founder of Rejuvenated, Kathryn Danzey

This company is being garlanded with more and more awards, as the industry and public alike, are realising just how amazing their products are.

She explains how 3 of their products work in perfect synergy together and give your skin all the nourishment, hydration and collagen it needs. These 3 will give your skin the maximum benefit possible.

These products are:

H3O Hydration

with ionic minerals to properly hydrate as well hyaluronic acid and resveratrol to give the skin a real boost. it’s so easy to become dehydrated and this has a very detrimental effect on the skin. H3O will also give you an energy boost.


H3O Night Repair

to be taken at night, this will keep your skin hydrated through the night. It’s designed to work in synergy with your circadian rhythm and will even help you sleep more peacefully while repairing your skin. It has powerful antioxidants like pine bark, astazanthin and grape seed extract.


Collagen Shots

my personal all time favourite product for skin. When you take this, you can see a visible difference in skin, hair and nails. We start to lose our collagen when still in our twenties and it has to be replaced from the foods we eat, as our bodies do not manufacture it. This is the best collagen product I have found.


Kathryn explains in detail what each product does and why they are so good used together.

If you go on the Rejuvenated site (link below) you will see some special deals if you buy the products together.


Do have a watch of the video below to find out much more about these amazing products.

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  1. Hi do you still use balm balm products for your skin would you recommend them for aging skin I’m over 60 female

    1. Post

      I don’t currently use balm balm but they were excellent. As I’ve got older, I’m now looking for products with active ingredients and peptides rather than just purely organic. Our skin needs a bit more help as we age. This is why I love the ARK products so much.

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