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Breathwork as therapy (video)

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Deep breathing has long been used to counter stress and restore a Zen-like state. It activates the para-sympathetic nervous system and lowers cortisol (the stress hormone) levels. But so many of us don’t even think about how we breathe and are actually shallow breathers. And yet deep breathing has so many benefits.

Breathing can calm down feelings of panic

Wim Hof, the Dutch motivational speaker and advocate of cold water dipping, has turned breathing into an art form.

I, myself, have done a video of breathing exercises to help with anxiety and stress and it’s become one of the all time most popular videos on the Ageless YouTube channel.

You can view it HERE.

And so, it was with great interest that I met Johnny Miller, a breathwork practitioner to do a video interview.

He explains what it is he does and how he, himself, used breathing to help heal his own stress and medical ailments.

He describes it as a form of self-healing therapy

People will sometimes use it in place of talking therapy and he tells of the incredible breakthroughs that people he’s worked with have had in the course of their sessions. You can watch the whole interview here:


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