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Why you need to break your sugar addiction (video)

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In today’s video I sit down with cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra to talk about the thing we all love but that is also probably the very worst thing for us…….sugar!

It’s a demon because it’s incredibly addictive and pleasurable to eat but over-consumption can lead to diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure (the single biggest factor in mortality).

Dr Malhotra is an avid health campaigner and the founder of Action on Sugar. He describes how the food industry deliberately tries to get us addicted to highly processed foods, as their goal is profit rather than health. According to him, sugar has zero nutritional benefits and offers nothing but energy that we don’t need.

My previous video with Dr Malhotra on cholesterol has become the most viewed video on my YouTube channel. The response on social media was huge. You can see it here:

Everything you need to know about cholesterol

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  1. As someone who finds sweet things hard to resist, found this very interesting, thank you. Oddly enough for me one of worst foods seems to be cereal – even the high fibre ones – within half an hour or so of eating I can feel my blood sugar is all over the place, light headed and occasionally a bit faint. Will be applying the ‘5 ingredient’ advice religiously now.

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