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Why I love the ARK skincare ethos

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One thing that’s important to consider as we choose what skincare to use, is to ask “what does our skin need at this moment in time”. That may seem pretty obvious, but it’s surprising how often people will keep using the same products for years or use products for issues they don’t actually have.

As we age our skin changes

Every decade of life is going to bring different issues and challenges for our skin. In today’s video I sit down with the director of ARK skincare, Tamsin Styles, and ask her all about the ARK products and how they work. She also talks about how you need to treat your skin in the moment. What is it doing now? What does it need?

Forget preventative skincare

A perfect example of this is when young people in their twenties use products for ageing skin, thinking that this will stop lines forming in their forties. It’s simply not going to work. Treat your skin as it is now. For someone who is young, less is more.

For me, I made a big change a year or so ago when I realised that my purely organic and natural products, that I’d been using for many years, were no longer suiting my rapidly changing skin.

Ageing skin needs products with active ingredients

I love natural products but I also love to have nice skin. I searched for a company that would have the active ingredients my skin now needed, knowing I would have to compromise when it came to synthetic chemicals. I was looking for a company that used lots of natural ingredients and kept synthetic chemicals to a minimum.

ARK skincare ticked all my boxes

They don’t use any of the known irritants or highly toxic chemicals. They use only the safer chemicals needed for product preservation and keep it to a minimum.

I was delighted, therefore, to meet and interview ARK director, Tamsin. As she explained, they are a small British business with all the work being done here.

Standards in Britain are very high which means the products are top quality

Very different to many bigger, global companies where the products are mass produced.

Find out more by having a watch of the video.

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