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Say hello to a fantastic skincare range (video)

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I’ve been searching for a skincare range that is in keeping with the Ageless ethos but that also fully addresses the issues of ageing, mature skin. And it’s not been easy. The completely natural products I tried did not give the results I wanted and the more efficacious ones were full of undesirable toxins that, to my mind, undermine any good that they’re doing.

What was I looking for exactly?

My criteria were quite specific. I wanted products that were as natural as possible but that also had all the active ingredients that a mature skin needs.

I wanted to see results without putting a toxic load on my face

I was open to the products having some chemicals (without this real results would be difficult to achieve) but I wanted them to be minimal. I also wanted the company to have good ecological credentials and be cruelty free. And a local business, right here in the UK, would be an added bonus.

Meeting every single one of these criteria is ARK

An award winning, British skincare brand that uses bioactive natural ingredients as well as antioxidants and vitamins. The skincare was formulated from a collaboration between a chemist, a facialist and a naturopath, the perfect combination where science meets nature.

And the entire range is completely vegan

Whilst their products do have some chemicals, they don’t contain any of the nasties: formaldehyde, artificial colours and fragrances, parabens, SLS, alcohol, mineral oil and S.D.

The prices aim to be as affordable as possible for a range with such top quality ingredients.

I’ve been trialling it for a good few months and am finally ready to share it with you and of course, add it to the Ageless Shop.

Many brands consist of an overwhelming amount of products

It’s hard to know which exact products will be just right for you. But fear not, I’ve done all the work for you and have curated a small collection of the very best products for mature skin. Products that tackle the issues that hormone loss brings and the most common issues of mature skin like dryness, lines and hyperpigmentation.

If you have an ageing skin then I’ve got you sorted

In today’s video I talk about my journey with skincare and what I look for in my products. I explain why I think ARK is so good and introduce the 3 products they have in their Age Defy range which is specifically targeted at the 50+ age range.

The Age Defy Range

Age Defy Brightening Cleanser

This cleanser will brighten dull and pigmented skin thanks to the Vitamin C it contains. All the Defy products have Vitamin C added as it’s brilliant for ageing skin and will help fade pigmentation. This is one of the main reasons that mature skins dull down and why skin tone becomes uneven as we age.

Added to the Vitamin C is red algae, which further reduces pigmentation and nourishing oils to hydrate and plump skin up. The cleanser gently removes dirt and light makeup leaving the skin soft and smooth. Always remove heavy makeup with an oily cleanser first.

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Age Defy Nourishing Moisturiser

A brilliant daytime moisturiser full of peptides to smooth away lines and give a visible difference to mature skin. It has Vitamin C to even out skin tone and help fade unsightly pigmentation.

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Age Defy Repairing Night Treatment

This moisturiser works while you sleep which is the optimal time for repairing skin (that’s why sleep is is important). It’s full of antioxidants that help to boost collagen production and leaves your skin seriously smooth. It too has Vitamin C to help with unsightly pigmentation. Brilliant for layering on top of your serum of choice or a retinol.

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See the full story

Now have a watch of the video to see the full story and find out even more.

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  1. This skincare range sounds lovely.Along with all the Studio 10 products Is there somewhere you can try Studio 10’s range before you buy.Thank you.

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