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How are your hands holding up? What with all the constant hand washing and sanitising, chances are they’re a bit rough and a bit knackered. Many soaps have harsh ingredients that dry hands out and sanitisers in particular can take their toll. Constant hand washing (which I would choose over hand sanitiser whenever possible) is very necessary at the moment and for the foreseeable future.

There’s no doubt that washing hands minimises the spread of infection

It’s believed that viruses are protected by a lipid layer which is broken down by soapy water, leaving them inactive. Washing hands can also remove germs from the skin, thus preventing them from entering the body.

As frequent hand washing is here to stay, how wonderful that GREEN PEOPLE have come to the rescue with a duo of gentle hand wash and hand cream. I have them sitting side by side on my bathroom sink and love them. They look good too.

They contain no fragrance whatsoever so don’t clash with anything else you’re wearing and are great for anyone who has sensitive skin.

But the thing I love most about them is that they are so gentle and kind to the skin

Even though the hand wash feels light and gentle, it still effectively cleans the hands without stripping out the natural moisture. It’s specially designed for constant use and contains aloe vera to nourish and care for the skin.

Every Day hand Wash

The hand cream is super light

I use it every single time I wash my hands and what a difference it’s made. It helps to bind moisture to the skin and contains omega fatty acids to soften and protect. It’s so light that you don’t feel like you have cream on at all.

These are great for the whole family and for anyone with sensitive skin

And of course, being Green People, they contain no harsh ingredients or toxic chemicals and contain only natural and organic ingredients. They come in big 300ml bottles and are very reasonably priced for the size at £10 and £15 respectively.

Green People Hand Foam

Every Day Hand Cream

They’ve also brought out the most brilliant deep-cleansing hand foam that can be used with or without water. It therefore doubles up as a hand sanitiser.

This hybrid foam can also be used as a germ buster while out and about

Made with natural antibacterial ingredients like tea tree oil and manuka, this foam will give you a deep cleanse with water and works as a sanitiser while you’re out. Just a quick squirt onto your hands and the foam quickly disappears while offering protection from germs.

This is pure, natural, brilliant innovation

Deep-Cleansing Hand Foam

Bravo Green people!

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