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Yes I know most of us are heading into winter and it may seem an odd time to talk about sun protection but bear with me.  I have only just discovered a very innovative and wonderful sunscreen range that offers year round protection. It’s called Evy and is unlike anything I’ve tried before.

It may seem odd that cold, grey days devoid of sun require sunscreen

Oh but yes they do. UVA rays are there all year round and make up most of daylight. They penetrate further down the skin layer and cause pigmentation and premature ageing.

Evy offers extremely high UVA protection

SPF numbers refer to UVB protection preventing burning but often offer low UVA protection. High UVA means it’s great for children, the sun sensitive and anyone wanting to avoid wrinkles ( which is all of us, right? ).

And then there’s pollution which I’ve been writing about for awhile now. Pollution does horrible things to our skin as well being very bad for our health. So I’m hugely impressed that Evy have combined their daily use sun protection with pollution defence.

But let me start at the beginning. I would have bypassed this company if it had not been for my favourite skin guru Marie Reynolds. She has formulated some wonderful skin care products and is all about natural and healing ingredients. So I was a bit surprised when she sang the praises of Evy which do contain chemicals.

Evy is a Swedish product and means life. It’s designed to protect you in every situation from cold, dry mountain air to strong sun and polluted city air.

It’s designed for the most sensitive skins but works for all types

It has a unique technology and started off treating people with severe skin problems but is now available to everyone. The formula is distributed throughout the entire top layer of the skin and offers protection for up to 6 hours. It’s therefore very long lasting and doesn’t require frequent applications while protecting your skin from dehydration, heat, wind and water.

So that’s the beach sorted specially as you don’t even have to re-apply after swimming

They have a good range for high protection in the sun (and will most definitely be in my bag next summer) but I was particularly interested in the ones they have for every day use throughout the year.

So yes they have some chemicals BUT no preservatives, alcohol or fragrance. Their chemicals will not harm coral reefs or marine environments and are safe to use on the skin. In fact they were voted the safest sunscreen on the market for their members by the Vitiligo Association of Sweden.

They are VERY environmentally friendly and sustainable

The aluminium metal tube is recyclable and the product doesn’t go off so you can use every last drop no matter how long it takes. Most suncreams need to be thrown away after the summer as they’ll have lost their potency by the next year or will have gone off. None of the product washes off into the water thereby protecting the environment and all ingredients come from sustainable sources.

But what are the products actually like?

Absolutely brilliant. They are so light you don’t even know they are there. And for a daily use sunscreen this is a very big advantage in my opinion.

Daily UV Face Mouse SPF 30:

I have to confess to being totally in love with this product. All their products are mousses and therefore very light. You shake the bottle and pump one dollop upside down ( the bottle not you! ). Then rub the mouse between your hands to turn into a cream and apply. It feels slightly sticky for a couple of minutes and then just disappears. Light as air, no clogging of pores, stickiness or heaviness.

It protects against pollution as well making it the perfect combination in my book. As if that were not enough, it also contains hyaluronic acid, collagen and vitamins A and E. I find a serum is all I need underneath it. It’s also great underneath make up. They do this in a 50 SPF as well which I will switch to next summer. The 30 SPF is perfect for winter.


Sunscreen Mousse SPF 30:

Specially designed for sun exposure, it contains a lot of the same nourishing ingredients as the Daily Mousse. It’s very easy to apply and goes on like a dream. Light and airy and extremely long lasting with no top ups required for 6 hours, even after swimming or sweating.


They have SPF’s ranging from 10 to 50. They also have aftersun products and tan activators.

I’m now absolutely desperate for a beach so I can try them all out. Bring on summer I say ( which I know is a tad premature as autumn has only just started)!


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  1. This is hands down my favourite sunscreen ever, especially the daily UV mousse SPF30. It was a no brainer stocking this alongside my skincare range, it’s the perfect complement. Great review!

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