Ora Nadrich and Glynis Barber

Navigating world chaos mindfully

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I sit down with mindfulness author, Ora Nadrich, to talk about her most recent book “Time to Awaken”.

The world has changed with warp speed in the last few years and many people are now struggling with both their mental health and their physical health. How on earth are we meant to process the current upheaval in the world? Everything we’ve ever known is changing and not necessarily in a progressive or healthy way.

According to Ora we need to navigate it all with mindfulness. She says it’s important to keep an open, enquiring mind and to be true to ourselves through it all. The news, social media and our devices are very addictive and it’s important to know when to shut them down. Mindfulness is a truly wonderful way of dealing with many of life’s hurdles and Ora has written several highly respected Mindfulness books.

Her book is available at Amazon UK:


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To find out what Ora has to say, have a watch of today’s Ageless video.

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