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Is there a connection between red meat & type 2 diabetes?

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In October 2023, a study came out of Harvard claiming that eating red meat can put you at an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. Hang on a minute? What??

It’s well known that eating excessive carbohydrates and sugary treats can lead to this diagnosis, but meat?

Red meat contains no glucose or carbs

This study made no sense to me at all, so I contacted author and researcher, Dr Zoë Harcombe, who has a PHD in public health and nutrition. She examines new research papers every week and had a swift response to this study.

I interview her in the video below and what she reveals about this study is quite shocking. Wait until you hear what they count as red meat!

In the interview Zoë mentions an article, by investigative journalist Nina Teicholz, on the author of the Harvard study. I have added the link below in case you’d like to take a look:

Harvard has been anti-meat for 30+ years – why?

You can check out Zoë’s website below:

Zoë Harombe

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