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Why plain water won’t properly hydrate you

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You would think that drinking plenty of water through the day would fully hydrate you, wouldn’t you?

There are, however, a few crucial points to consider.

Firstly, as mentioned in my book The In-Sync Diet, co-written with nutritionist Fleur Borrelli, it’s important to drink larger amounts when thirsty, rather than taking little sips through the day. Little sips will not fully hydrate cells even if you are drinking a large amount of water in a day.

The second thing to consider is what you are drinking.

Plain water in large quantities can dehydrate you

This is because it will flush the salts and electrolytes out of your body.

We are salty beings and cry salty tears and sweat out salt. It’s very important to replace these salts. This will also ensure that the water is retained in the cells rather than being lost with our urine. You can either add a pinch of natural sea salt to a glass of water or you can add electrolytes. I tend to do a bit of both. I try and start every day with a big glass of lemon water with a pinch of salt. In very hot weather or after an intense workout, I will use electrolytes.

Beware of electrolyte drinks that contain sugar

They can also contain other unwanted ingredients. We don’t want sugar or artificial sweeteners in our water.

I can recommend a top notch electrolyte drink called H3O Hydration

In a recent video, I spoke to Rejuvenated founder, Kathryn Danzey, about the 3 products she created specially geared toward giving skin a major boost. Hydration was very much part of that. One of her top selling products, the recipient of many awards, is H3O Hydration that is sugar free, filled with electrolytes that provide long lasting cellular hydration with a few skin boosting ingredients added in.

You can check it out and all the other Rejuvenated products on the GLYNIS LOVES page:


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  1. Hello Glynis,

    I saw an edition of Alan Titchmarsh’s Sunday morning programme today with you on it. You looked amazing and more importantly, naturally amazingly healthy and your skin glowed. I am another Glynis, about 1 year older than you. I have been an avid advocate of healthy living and have been a vegetarian since I was 20 years old. Income allowing, I have always taken great care of my skin, body and mind as much as I possibly could as a very very busy single mum since I was 30, bringing up my three children and often working 2 and 3 jobs together to support us all, like many many other single parents and just all parents , who work so hard for their families. I believe in drinking lots of water, drinking boiled water in the winter times with a couple of slices of lemon which is delicious and having a very healthy exercise regime every week, all my adult life. I have had to temper this over the years according to my health issues, which I am very grateful to say have only been a few. I survived a stroke 7 years ago mainly due to far too much stress and worry in my life and the Consultant Cardiologist I saw told me quite categorically that my exercise regime and healthy eating had saved my life quite literally, but I needed to put as much emphasis on my mental health too, which since that time I have tried to do and continue to work on and improving every day now!! I will also try the sea salt advice in the water!!! Thank you so much Glynis, you have inspired me so much on this gloomy cold winter day!!

    Every good wish to you and your family!! Stay healthy!!



    1. Post

      Lovely to hear from you Glynis. All your efforts towards your health have obviously paid off! I agree with you that we need to look after our mental health as much as our physical health. I’ve done a couple of videos on the Ageless YouTube channel about anxiety and stress? Do check them out as I there is some quite helpful advice on remain anxiety free.

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