Marijuana Facial

The Marijuana Facial

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Ok that’s not really what it’s called, it’s actually the CBD Facial, but I rather like my name.

This facial uses the big trend of the moment, CBD oil, both internally and externally

The full name of CBD is cannabidiol and it’s derived from the cannabis plant but without the high. And yes it’s legal here in the UK. It’s big news at the moment because of it’s potential many health benefits. These include relief from pain as well as depression and anxiety.

So how on earth does this work with a facial? I went to the Harley Street Skin Clinic, who came up with the idea, to find out.

The therapist started by putting a few drops of CBD oil under my tongue

I held the drops there for a couple of minutes to maximise absorption.

And then she began the facial itself. The whole process was very simple and super relaxing and enjoyable.

After giving my face a good cleanse she did the most incredible facial massage using CBD oil suspended in coconut oil.

Massage is all down to technique and this one was superb

Working from the top of my head down to my neck and shoulders,  the therapist worked on the pressure points in the face using facial reflexology. If that wasn’t relaxing enough, the CBD was obviously having a effect, entering my system from under my tongue as well as through the pores in my skin.

I hadn’t felt this relaxed in months, possibly even years

The CBD oil is also very beneficial to the skin, being both anti-inflammatory and calming.

After the 25 minute massage the facial was simply finished off with the application of an hydrating and nourishing moisturiser that contained 1% CBD oil. Until then I had no idea you could buy facial products with the oil in. My skin was definitely glowing and I felt completely chilled. The whole thing was only about half an hour. However it’s worth knowing that all facials at the Clinic can be tailored to individual needs so you can add a mask or treatment according to your skins needs.

If you’re stressed and want to treat yourself, this is the treatment for you

Visit: Harley Street Skin Clinic
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      It’s just a double whammy of relaxation. Both the massage and CBD oil help relaxation. A good massage will always be more enjoyable though and will get the blood flowing which has many benefits for skin.

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