The Black Diamond Facial

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I used to love a facial but to be honest I very rarely have them anymore. I mean in this day and age they’re just a bit….well….quaint, aren’t they? Why waste time doing almost the same routine you can do to yourself at home when you can have a wonderful and effective skin tightening treatment like Fractura Firm or Endymed?

But when I was invited to Dr Yannis Alexandrines’ clinic on Harley St for a Black Diamond Facial it definitely got my attention.

I think it was the word “diamond” that did it

In fact it’s full name is the 111 Skin Celestial Black Diamond Facial.

I don’t quite know what I was expecting but I presumed (hoped) diamonds would somehow be involved. Black diamonds. I love a black diamond (well as long as it’s not a piece of coal) so I was rather excited at the prospect. Would I be in a diamond cave with diamond stalagmites? Were they going to have a nice big black diamond and use it to exfoliate my skin? Or were they going to say “forget the facial and just choose a ring”? I mean the possibilities are endless if you think about it.

And it turns out black diamonds were indeed involved

111 Harley Street - Treatment Room

111 Harley Street – Treatment Room

Dr Yannis is a plastic surgeon who founded the 111 Harley St Clinic as well as 111Skin which is an innovative skin care range. These products have been tested in the  most demanding situations on his own patients: after surgery, post laser treatments and on scars and burns. They promote healing, hydrate and protect the skin against environmental damage. While not claiming to be all natural this product range contains no parabens and is paraffin, silicone and sulphate free.

And the Celestial Black Diamond range actually contains nano particles of diamonds.

The facial was a traditional cleanse, exfoliate, massage and mask routine but to be honest I’d forgotten just how relaxing and wonderful that can be.

I realised I’d really missed having a good old fashioned facial

The products felt superb and the long massage was so relaxing and skilfully done that I felt absolutely wonderful afterwards. And my skin looked fresh, plumped and glowing.

This facial (as well as the products) is designed to brighten and regenerate the skin, helping to erase age spots and pigmentation as well as relaxing fine lines and renewing collagen.

Dr Yannis says that this is his alternative to surgery

Job done. I would say he’s definitely onto something here.

111 Harley St 

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  1. Just how much Glynis? I had a collagen one yesterday £85, course of 6 then once a month to maintain, don’t think so🤭
    I didn’t like the pulse, reminded me of s migraine! Yours sounds great..,

    1. Post

      My goodness these treatments are all so expensive aren’t they? It’s such a shame as regular treatments do make a difference. The price will be on the link to the clinic in the article.

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